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New Mana Colour !

Get ready to overhaul all your decks Boils & Ghouls . . . A 6th manna symbol has just been discovered. The colour is purple and it is called . . . Amélie ( ? ).

Kjeldor snapped this image at Avalon Valladolid a gaming store in Valladolid, Spain.

Perhaps not that much of a stretch to consider purple the sixth mana colour as we can see in this WoTC article from Paul Sottosanti back in January, 2007. WoTC were toying with the idea in which to portray an alternate reality for the Planar Chaos release.

And now for something completely different . . .

Want to pimp out your deck boxes ? Check out these very cool storage boxes you can fit your decks, tokens, and dice into.

Mathieuarts is a Canadian artist who also teaches art and drawing and is also an avid Magic: The Gathering Player.

Unfortunately, he has not been commissioned by Wizards for any work yet. Until that time, you can find him buing boxes and executing beautiful work which he sells on his eBay Store. Just give him the name of your fav card and he will get it on a box for you.

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