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Conflux Spoiler 4

Here is an yet another interesting piece of spoiled artwork purportedly believed to be from the next Shards of Alara release, Conflux. The artwork is from regular Wizards of the Coast card-art contributor Anthony S. Waters which he had named 'Tar Pit'. This is the same artist who had brought us such recent Alara card-art as Blister Beetle, Ooze Garden, and Tar Fiend.

Now onto the speculations !

Quite obviously a 'Tar Pit' and possibly a land card.
From a review of the spoiled Conflux card names, we are left with only one name which fits with this art . . .

[CON] "Drag Down"

From this, definitely not a non-basic land card, which leaves us with an instant, enchantment, or sorcery.

Here is my speculation :

"Drag Down" {B}{G}
Target creature loses all abilities and becomes 0/1 until end of turn.

Please feel free to comment or provide your own speculation

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