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Tournament Packs R.I.P.


This announcement is expected to be posted soon at Wizards . . .

"After an in depth analysis of the current sealed deck tournament format by our R&D and Organized Play departments we have decided to discontinue production of tournament packs. Intensive play testing clearly showed that the booster only format provides an equal, or even better game play experience.

The Shards of Alara tournament packs were the last ones produced; as of Conflux there will be no tournament packs.

As of the Conflux Pre Release events and Launch Parties, sealed deck format will be played with boosters only, 3 booster packs will replace a tournament pack. All organizers will receive a sleeve of basic land to be distributed to their players.

The details of the product mix for the Conflux events will be announced to the players when the Pre Release Fact sheet is posted on our website early January. The information is currently only available for distributors and organizers."

Some mixed emotions here . . . I rather liked the sealed tournament packs and usually got one from the first set in each block.

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Anonymous said...

Ya not sure how I feel about it. Wondering if this will affect sealed event card pools. You'll now have the chance of getting five of a common.

As far as buying goes I never really dropped much money on the Tournament Pack. Unless I was buying cards for someone who is getting into the game or some other silly reason.

This does make sense of adding basic land to the booster packs. I couldn't understand why they did that when you get so much extra land in a tourny pack.