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Nissa Revane Elf PW

You may recall this POST, where we caught news of a new Planeswalker by the name of Nissa Revane on video footage from Pro-Tour Berlin. We caught only a glimspe of her during a demo of the soon to be released Duels of the Planeswalker Xbox 360 game.

During other coverage at Berlin, Nissa was spotted again elfing it up and adorning a wall while the pros battled. BTsume was able to use some of his photoshoppery magic to provide a better view of her.

As Nissa's name was not on the passenger list of card names from this Conflux spoiler HERE, we can only assume that she may make an enterance in Alara Reborn or another future MTG set release.

From the still image above, it is rather obvious that Nissa is an Elf, and most likely Black and Green. As to her abilities, let the wild speculations begin . . . Here are mine.

Nissa Revane {b}{b}{g}{g}
Loyalty 4
+1 : Put a 1/1 black and green elf warrior creature token into play.
+1 : Target player loses 1 life and discards one card.
-8 : Target player sacrifices all creatures and loses life equal to each creature's toughness.

What do you think ? > > Leave a comment with your speculation . . .


Anonymous said...

has no idea

jcar said...

this is better

Nissa Revane bbgg
5 loyalty counters

+1 Put a 1/1 black green elf warrior token into play.

-3 Target creature gets +1/+1 for each elf in play until end of turn.

-10 Deal damage to target opponent and each of his/her creatures equal to the number of elves in play.

trever said...

u do know tht this block isnt creature oriented its made around abilitis that have been underlooked so that blows ur whole theory on her makinelves but her makin u lose life is a big maybe that she might have nd the fact that she is a two drop means her loyalty counters wont be tht high or her abilities arent tht good because makin elves is ridiculous for a plus counter for the fact that it makes garruk look like a lil bitch and hes the shit.