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Alara Combos 1

Welcome to another post at MTG Realm. We would like to discuss some Shards of Alara card synergies and combinations here which we will limit to Standard. We would also enjoy hearing from you the reader about what you have seen or played recently which worked out well for you.


First up is a Archdemon of Unx + Goblin Assault combination. Archdemon is a great card to play when you wish to create a bunch of 2/2 black Zombie tokens. The drawback to this is that at the beginning of your upkeep, you need to find a non-Zombie critter to feed the Archdemon. The fun stops rather abruptly when the only non-Zombie critter left on your side is the Archdemon itself. The way to get around this is by supplying this hungry Zombie token-generating monster with an endless supply of 1/1 red goblins which are produced with the Goblin Assault enchantment.

To crank up this interesting combination, try using the Tenth Edition Grave Pack. Grave Pack will send one of your opponent's critters to the graveyard at the beginning of every turn at the same time your 1/1 Goblins take a dirt-nap and wake up a Zombie.

You may also want to send in Death Baron to pump up your newly created Zombies by +1/+1 and give them deathtouch. This way, you will be quite sure to have your opponent's side ploughed under and pave the way to win.

Here for your consideration is yet another synergy this time from the Shard of Bant which will provide you with a way to prevent all combat damage every turn. The drawback here is that you would have to wait until turn five to set this up.


At turn four, drop in your Bant Planeswalker, Elspeth, Knight-Errant who promises to supply you faithfully with a 1/1 white Soldier creature token every turn. Next turn, send in a Knight-Captain of Eos, which already comes into play with an extra two 1/1 Soldier tokens. As your opponent starts swinging, you need only to have an extra white mana on hand and a DOA Soldier token to prevent all combat damage.

Anywho, lets hear from you as to what your devious minds are cooking up with Alara and Standard combinations.

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