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MTG Monday Miscellaney

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Today on MTG Realm we have another quilted patch-work of a variety of Magic: the Gathering thingys.  Kicking the post off is Battle for Zendikar Game Day this past weekend.  We, like thousands of other gamers hit the local game store to take in a standard constructed tournament.  We hit our local shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie with a Mardu coloured (Black / White / red) home-brew featuring sac-Allies and recursion with March from the Tomb.  Unfortunately, we did not even win one game, let alone a match.  Our current stock to support standard is pretty much budget cards but our streak of losses at the store, although depressing, has led to a lot of seriously fun games at the kitchen table with the group.

Next up, Grand Prix Québec.  The standard metagame appears to be still stuck with Khans of Tarkir Block with minor contributions from Magic Origins and Battle for Zendikar.  The game has evolved a very decent mana-base however with four-colour builds rather common place now.  Anywhoos - here is a snapshot of the Day 2 game breakdown we've pull from the Wizards event coverage.

Ojutai's Command is certainly a fan fav with integration into Dark Jeskai and Esper Control builds.  Anafenza, the Foremost saw reliance in many Abzan builds to shut down Rally the Ancestors strategies and a bit out of aggressive builds with reliance upon Become Immense.
In other news, Redditor paperpariah appears to have completed a token collection (just over 480 in all) - and it is a site to behold.  Have our congratulations and envy! :)

Lastly,  we have an unstoppable hankering to build a Blue-Black Aristocrats decklist ever since we saw the deck-tech with Christian Calcano from the previous weekend's PT BFZ.  There is a great article by Pascal Maynard over on ChannelFireball you should check out.  We simply love the interaction with Sidisi's Faithful (exploiting itself) while Zulaport Cutthroat is out.

Since we have pretty much no cash for this decklist, we may consign ourselves to try out Gavin Verhey's Mono-Black on a Budget posted today on the mothersite.

That's it for now folks, keep brewing and practice safe Magic by double-sleeving.

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