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Ctrl Alt Retreat

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We were most excited to see what would shake out of Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar last weekend in Milwaukee the other weekend, but must sadly admit that we were hoping with more cards from Battle to Zendikar.  Instead, very few of the new cards just did not quite make the cut - instead, as our very favourite MTG personality Evan Irwin commented in the last 'The Magic Show' (linky here), the tournament was essentially Khans Block Abzan versus Jeskai.  To demonstrate, check out this very handy list of decklists posted by The Planeswalker Pantheon :

Yep, Atarka Red, Dark Jeskai, Selesyna Megamorph and so on - pretty much everything we had before, just tweaked every so little with many packing Surge of Righteousness in their lists to nerf Siege Rhino or Mantis Rider.  We agree - all ho-hum.  BUT - stop the press - Did you see what list took 4th Place in last weekend's TCG Player Standard States 2015 - Michigan ?

Something called 'Retreat Control' played by Eric Thomasma.  Something fresh, new, and with a high number of new Battle for Zendikar Cards !

Sure, it has a full book set of Siege Rhino, but after that - DANG! - 32 Lands, 12 Retreats and 3 Oblivion Sowers - wow.  Here at MTG Realm we freely admit of not being the brightest or best at this game, so we will direct your attention for the article by Joshua Claytor over on Legit MTG to get the diggity-doo on this list.

We had a weakness for Herald of the Pantheon since it was previewed and quickly acquired a deckset, but unfortunately never found an appropriate home for this spell - perhaps with Eric's, or Joshua's solidly proposed modification, we can Control (alt) Delete our opponent during the next Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games here in Barrie.


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