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BFZ Sac-Ville

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Several seasons ago, when Innistrad and Return to Ravnica was still kicking it, a rogue decklist won a Pro Tour and made a big splash at other major events.  If you were playing at the time (early 2013), you will certainly know of the 'Aristocrats', so called because of Cartel Artistocrat and Falkenrath Aristocrat. 
This synergistic strategy employed these two cards with a number of other solid threats and included some early tokens (from Lingering Souls) or Doomed Traveler which was one of our very favourite commons - can't beat the value of a 1/1 critter which replaces itself with a 1/1 flyer.

Fast forward to present day as Magic: the Gathering players are brewing a multitude of very cool 'n' interesting Battle for Zendikar lists, we have an echo of the former glorious Doomed Traveler - this time in green in the form of Blisterpod.  It's no Traveler but it is however close enough for us to have some fun with.

One path we hope to explore fully is the one which lets us play Zulaport Cutthroat.  Again, a rather dim reflection of Blood Artist - but - with so many lovely interactions we feel that the sort of black / green / x (?) list that uses sacrifice to its advantage is begging to be broken open and present itself as a serious contender.

Imagine if you will the nice shenanigan to be had with shooting your own Blisterpod with a Bone Splinters to destroy one of your opponent's creature.  Lifegain (and their lifeloss) with Zulaport, some +1/+1 counters to your Rot Shamblr or Malakir Cullblade, and a number of other equally satisfying possibilities.

There may be an Artistocrats-like decklist on the horizon at a big tournament and MTG Realm will be taking notes to compare against our build - which we hope to share after next Friday Night Magic. 

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