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60K of Lost MTG Cards

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We hope all our fellow Canadians have had a great Thanksgiving long weekend.  Today's post is all warm 'n' fuzzy and a story with a good ending.  If you've not already heard, a truly amazing story restoring one's faith in humanity . . .

This last week (October 6th to 9th at the Javits Center) was New York Comic Con - a massive gathering of fans of popular culture - whether it is the latest Marvel movie, amazing cosplay or Magic: the Gathering gamers, there is something for everyone. 

Tom Grayson attended the NYCC and had brought along his pride and joy - a binder containing the accumulated collection of rare and valuable MTG cards that Tom had been working on about 1994.  When we say valuable, the estimated worth is around the $60,000 mark.  According to Tom, the binder contained, among a treasure of other cards, Beta Black Lotus, Alpha Mox series (except for sapphire), Alpha Time walk, A playset of each of the original dual lands from various sets.  Tom, in his 50's relayed in this Reddit Post, that he recalls taking the binder out of his case just once to share with some friends at NYCC and had, to his horror, discovered this missing.  It had not shown up at the NYCC lost and found, but a post by a young 17-year old Redditor Lolhentai4ever ('Andrew') had sent a call out on the subreddit 'Magic TCG' that he had found a binder.  Friends had contacted Grayson who got in touch with Andrew and the collection was reunited with its owner.  

According to Grayson, Andrew would not accept a cash reward but Grayson insisted on giving him a small token of appreciation in the form of a Wooded Foothills expedition and a Glorious Anthem promo.  It also appears that WotC staffer, the very awesome Worth Wollpert may also send young Andrew some appreciation as well.

Good Karma everywhere in MTG land.

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