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Monday MTG Miscellany

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

If you are a Magic: the Gathering fan, chances are you likely made time to get to a local gaming store to take part in a Conspiracy draft.  Loads of great stories and epic pack pulls are sprinkled across the interwebs.  For today's post we wanted to a round-up of a few interesting tid-bits over the last few days so strap in and let's go -

First up - 'Planeswalkers' 
Wizards had filed for this trademark back last weekend.  We do not expect a stand-alone set to shake out of this filing.  This may very well be simply some housekeeping for the digital games line.

Next - another M15 DotP video walk-through.
This one is rather nicely put together and not only shows some of the game play but also shows quite nicely some of the background story themes with the tainted Garruk Planeswalker, the player and Liliana shown with the cursed 'chain veil', an ancient and powerful artifact she had retrieved from an ancient catacomb.  New cards 'Chasm Stalker' and 'Goblin Rabblemaster' are also shown - we're looking to pre-order these up at MTG Mint Card.

Lastly, some nostalgia for some older and less popular casual multiplayer variant Magic: the Gathering formats.  Xenphire from the forums had provided these pics of a rules insert from 1999
The Emperor variant involves two teams of three players each. Each team sits together on one side of the table, with team members deciding the order in which they're seated. Each team has one "emperor," which is the player seated in the middle of the team. The remaining players on the team are "generals" whose job is to protect their emperor while attempting to take down the opposing emperor.

The Grand Melee format is normally used only in games begun with ten or more players.  Players sit around the table exactly as they would for a Free-for-All game, choosing their seats randomly. Unlike that variant, however, each player has a "range of influence" of 1. This means their spells and abilities can affect only themselves and players within one seat of their own: the player directly to the left and the player directly to the right.

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