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Conspiracy Tokens

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

There is a lot of excitement out there from Magic: the Gathering players we've been talking to at the local game store and online for this weekend's release of the newest multiplayer set, Conspiracy.  Make sure you check out the full card image gallery over on the mothersite here, the release notes (with rules stuff) over here, and find out which gaming store near you will be running events over here.

If you've been reading our articles here on MTG Realm, then you will know we have a thingy for token strategies, perhaps because token generators are often relatively inexpensive to produce a bunch of 'em and then follow up with an anthem or multi-critter pump spell.  Anywhoos, over on the motheristie today, Blake Rasmussen (likely not related to NATO secretary general Ander Fogh Rasmussen) posted all the new Conspiracy tokens.  

A number of these are reprinted arts but there is several new tokens.  One such token which has received most of our attention is the Squirrel Token of course and we don't know why - because it's funny and / or cool but most of all, remember that an army of squirrels is still and army.  We'll want to pick up some singles from MTG Mint Card to finally get that Squirrel tribal decklist off the drawing board for the lulz.  Anywhoos, here's the Conspiracy tokens -

1/1 white Spirit creature Token with flygin (illustrated by Jeff Simpson), produced by Doomed Traveller, Custodi Soulbinders, and Rousing of Souls.

X/X black Demon creature Token with flying(illustrated by Evan Shipard), produced by Reign of the Pit.

2/2 black Zombie creature Token (illustrated by Lucas Graciano), produced by Wakedancer

4/4 red Ogre creature Token (illustrated by David Kendall), produced by Grenzo's Rebuttal

3/3 green Elephant creature Token (illustrated by Lars Grant-West), produced by Elephant Guide, Selvala's Charge, and Terastodon.

1/1 green Squirrel creature Token (illustrated by Daniel Ljunggren), produced by Squirrel Nest

2/2 green Wolf creature Token (illustrated by Raoul Vitale), produced by Predator's Howl, and Wolfbriar Elemental

1/1 colorless Construct creature Token with defender (iilustrated by Adam Paquette), produced by Flamewright, and Sentinel Dispatch.

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