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Monday Miscellaney

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Igor Gorbunov took the title for Grand Prix Moscow this past weekend with a Red / White burn decklist featuring cards such as Chandra's Phoenix, Young Pyromancer and a host of other burn spells.  Igor went to game three against Sergey Zheleznov who ran a Black devotion strategy.  You can check out the Top decklists over here on the mothersite.  From the variety of different builds, we're rather happy with the diversity and health of standard constructed right now.  If you're thinking of running a similar decklist, then pop on over to MTG Mint Card to pick up those missing Magic: the Gathering singles you may need.

For today's post, we wanted to cover an interesting post (or rather tweet) by Phil over at Too Fat Goblinz in Stafford, United Kingdom.  Specifically, there's a pic of two cards -

Magic 2015 CORRECTION - This is a prerelease promo
 In Garruk's Wake, 7BB
Sorcery, Rare
Destroy all creatures you don't control and all planeswalkers you don't control.
Beyond pain, byond obsession and wild despair, there lies a place of twisted power only the most tormented souls can reach.
Illustrated by Brad Rigney

Next up - the July, 2014 FNM Promo
This info is already known, but we now have a real card to show.
 Magma Spray, R
Magma Spray deals 2 damage to target creature.  If that creature would dies this turn, exile it instead.
A stone hurled at an enemy is deadlier in liquid form.
Illustrated by Mathias Kollros

Just a quick review of Friday Night Magic promo cards to date - 

January 2014: Warleader's Helix
February 2014: Elvish Mystic
March 2014: Banisher Priest
April 2014: Encroaching Wastes
May 2014: Tormented Hero
June 2014: Dissolve
July 2014: Magma Spray
August 2014: Bile Blight


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