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June Standard Decklists

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

If you dig through previous posts on the MTG Realm blog, you will know that from time to time, we give you an update what the crew here are playing.  We have not giving you an update for quite some time so we'll make up for that now with what Magic: the Gathering cards are in our standard format stack.

RetroTech loves a measure of control so she is armed with a budget Blue-White (W/U) Heroic deck rather well balanced with spot removal (Banishing Light), heroic enablers and popular creatures (Favored Hoplite, Battlewise Hoplite and Hero of Iroas) that get pumped, as well as a few auras (Aqueous Form, Ethereal Armor).  This build is rather robust and able to put up a good fight against a number of other decklists.

RStomp is a dinosaur and his Black-Green Golgari build has not evolved very much since Return to Ravnica block.  Same of Lotleth Troll, Deathrite Shama, Jarad and crew.

As for yours truly, CopySix, we are kinda in between decklists, or actually two - a Naya Hexproof and a more casual Black / White Orzhov thingy.  Let's have a quick peek at those cards for right now -

Nothing very unusual about the Naya Hexproof build.  It is all about assembling a battleship with hexproof critters like Gladecover Scout, Bassara Tower Archer and Witchstalker.  Sylvan Carytid to help with mana and Ghorclan Rampager to push through damage.  Auras to get on the pants are Ethereal Armor, Mapcap Skills, Gift of Orzhova and Unflinching Courage.  Life gain is rather important as the deck typically takes a few good hits from faster decks before catching up.  Boros Charm helps considerably against board wipes.

As for the other decklist, it was sort of a b/w haunted' humans before Journey into Nyx which featured only cheap costing humans, Calvary Pegasus to get all the humans airborne and Xathrid Necromancer to re-populate the board with Zombies after a boardwipe.  This list has evolved now to include Cartel Aristocrat and Athreos, God of Passage for some decent synergy.

We hope to give you another update soon after some additional cards we've ordered from MTG Mint Card come in and the decklists are tweaked again.

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