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Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

The Magic: the Gathering Panel at PAX East has wrapped up for now but it will take quite some time to digest all the spoilers, previews and tid-bits of information Wizards of the Coast had provided to a packed room of participants.  Many thanks to Lauren Lee (@mulldrifting) and others for snapping pics during the MTG panel !

First up, the names of the sets in the next block were released.  Images captured by Germand MTG site from the Magic Online Championship livestream today.  Here's a brief timeline with code-names to put everything into perspective . . .

• Magic 2014 Core Set - July 2013
Theros ('Friends') - September2013
Born of the Gods ('Romans') - February 2014
Journey into Nyx ('Countrymen') - May 2014
• Magic 2015 Core Set - July 2014
• 'Huey' - October 2014
• 'Dewey' - February 2015
• 'Louie' - May 2015 

From the names here, we are thinking that perhaps we can expect a set with a Greco-Roman Mythology theme.  Here is some SWEEET spoiler art to whet your appetite !
Next - MOAR Dragon's Maze goodness !
Right in line with Doug Beyer's 'The Secretist' books, Guild Champions must find all ten Guild Gates (which will have NEW art) to complete the maze - and here's the corresponding Maze's End card in an alternate-art Dragon's Maze PreRelease Promo - see our previous post here.

Speaking of promos - during the Dragon's Maze, you can score this card which will have a code one can enter on to level up an achievement.
Lastly, here's some very cool arts (no names yet) for cards we can expect upcoming in Dragon's Maze -

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