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Arcane Musings

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Over the weekend, two Grand Prix tournaments took place, both standard constructed formats.  Mike Krasnitski took first place at Grand Prix Verona with a 'Junk Rites' (reanimator) deck, while Jose Francisco Silva won Grand Prix Rio de Janeiro with an Aristocrats build.  Congratulations to both!

Today on the MTG Realm bloggy, we wanted to take a look very far into the past at a rather interesting card type - 'Arcane'.  Arcane is defined as requiring secret or mysterious knowledge, and in the world of Magic: the Gathering, it is a spell subtype seen on instants and sorceries in the Kamigawa Block and could be considered as a precursor to tribal spells as this subtype was often mechanically linked with spirits.  Flavour-wise, these spells are related to spirits or 'kami' within this block were typically referred to as 'spiritcraft' as there was a triggered effect whenever a spirit or arcane spell was played.

Here at MTG Realm, being the casual home-brew nutters were are, we definitely want to drop over to MTG Mint Card to dig up some older Kamigawa Block cards and get down to building a Spirit tribal deck.  Here's some choices which come to mind at the moment.

Finally, here are some other popular arcane spells which may be of interest -


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