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Standard Rats

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

From the title of today's post, you can easily deduce what's on the menu today . . . RATS!
Magic: the Gathering has had a good number of rats represented over the years.  In fact, when we started playing one of the first games we had was against someone who had run a Relentless Rats deck, which we thought was cute 'n' harmless until we were were handed our butt.  Since then, we really had not seen any representation which is kinda unfortunate because we think that this could make a rather fun deck to playToday's let's see if we can't try to shake a standard constructed list out . . .

"His tenement is filled with the most vile, disgusting vermin. It's infested with rats, too."
—Branko One-Ear

Ogre Slumlord was previewed in Gatecrash, we knew we just had to try this out on the kitchen table.  We typically start a list and have it evolve naturally over the course of several games while making minor modifications.  Here's a starting list we will try out soon.

4x Drainpipe Vermin
4x Ravenous Rats
4x typhoid Rats
3x Pack Rat
3x Ogre Slumlord

2x Devour Flesh
2x Tragic slip
2x Victim of Night

2x Underworld Connections

3x Duress
3x Appetite for Brains
3x Sign in Blood
2x Immortal Servitude

From this initial step, we already want to get some Gravecrawlers (to sac to Pack Rat), as well as Bone Splinters, Blood Artist, etc. but want to stay true and casual to the rat theme here.  Most likely we will move the list into a Modern format where there is a greater pool of cards to choose from - which means we'll likely need to drop by MTG Mint Card again to pick up a few extra cards.  Anywhoos - safe and happy brewing - and don't forget about possible Dragon's Maze spoilers being previewed by WotC at PAX East this weekend - we'll be mad-posting to keep all up to date.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm building a standard rat deck at the moment and i'd like some input of what i should put in. I have
1 pack rat
3 typhoid rats
4 drainpipe vermin
4 gutterskulks
2 ravenous rats
4 deaths approach

What else do you think I should put in?