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DotP 2013 Promos

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

For today's post we will breifly step away from Magic 2013 ('M13') Spoilers and check out some other Magic the Gathering goodness.  More specifically, we'll have a look at Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 digital game promotion.  In the past when these games were released, players were treated to a physical (paper) Mythic Rare card but this time around there is some improved swag.

First, a quick overview . . .
The Magic: The Gathering 2013 Core Set campaign begins with the launch of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on 20th June, 2012.  To date there have been 2 million downloads on Xbox Live, Steam and Playstation Network platforms.  With this new release, there will also be available a release for iPad so you could now game while on the subway to work or even at work while in that tedious / tiresome staff meeting - just make sure you game on the low down under the boardroom (bored-room) meeting table.

Anywhoos - here's the juice.  Instead of a singular card, you will now score an exclusive 6-card booster pack promo containing one alternate-art promo card plus five other random Magic 2013 core set cards. 

Playstation 3 - Vampire Nocturnus

XBOX 360 - Primordial Hydra

Steam (PC) and iPad - Serra Avatar

OK - How to get your paws on this ?  After the official release on the 20th of this month until 13 December 2013, when you first launch your new game, you'll get a code to enter on the Wizards of the Coast mothersite which will spit out a voucher to print off.  Take the voucher to your local participating store and receive the cardboard goodness.

Here's a quick comparative of the DoTP 2013 promos to the regular Magic 2013 cards . . . Do the alt-arts float your boat ?  Epic - pump it or Lame - dump it.


1 comment:

Tom M. said...

The art for the Serra Avatar for Steam (PC) and iPad isn't that bad and the Primordial Hydra for the XBOX 360 looks good.

I'm not feeling the Vampire Nocturnus for the Playstation 3 though...

Funny thing is though, from the looks of the expected prices from 2013... the Nocturnus will be the most valuable...

Vampire Nocturnus $11.99
Primordial Hydra $3.49
Serra Avatar $3.49

Still like the original art on the nocturnus better though