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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Indeed, one of our fav day of the week.  Tonight, Friday Night Magic tournaments are being held in game stores all around the free world.  These events are designed to be a beginner-friendly introduction to Magic the Gathering organised play.  Here at MTG Realm, we've had around 1,100 posts since January 2008 and have had about 4.5 million visitors drop by to read the latest MTG spoilers, news and reviews.  We've never been to a professional event and spend a lot of time at the kitchen table slinging cards - but - we rather relish our Friday evening visits to the local game store as is provides a great cross-section of different 60-card builds put together by intelligent and innovative players, which keeps us on our toes and never lets the game get stagnant.

If you've not participated in an FNM event, we encourage you to do so.  Check out the new 'n' improved Store / Event Locator with some slick fetures to find your nearest store.  To prepare for your evening of MTG merriment, you should check out this article over at the Wrong-Way-Go-Back website, written up by our Twitter buddy Thomas (aka hobbesq).  In addition to giving that a read, perhaps it's time to watch our all-time favourite video put out by Wizards of the Coast.  We have yet to meet a player who did not care for the vid.  Here is the Magic the Gathering Friday Night Magic promotional video filmed at Games & Gizmos in Redmond, WA featuring Music by Caspar Babypants and WUBRG, a crazed MTG Muppet who now loves FNM.

Tonight, we're off to OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario which is home to Ontario's (maybe even Canada's) largest Friday Night Magic events to try our luck to win one of those fancy promo cards.  Here's the list of FNM promos so far this year . . .
1/2012    -    Glistener Elf
2/2012     -    Despise
3/2012    -    Tectonic Edge
4/2012    -    Dismember
5/2012    -    Ancient Grudge
6/2012    -    Acidic Slime
And here is some 4.1.1 for Gamers who want to hit up the Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games :
FNM Standard starts at 7pm Cost $6, or free without prize support. FNM Draft draft queue opens at 5:30pm and will start upon 8 players Cost $14.  The store, near Georgian College is easily accessible from the highway.


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