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M13 Cyclic

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

If you've stepped away from the daily posts to the MTG Realm blog, don't worry - we did not have a post for you yesterday but we aim to catch up now.

On the topic of Magic 2013 'M13' spoilers 'n' previews, we are now at 170 / 249 cards reveled.  We'll get to the newest additions in the next post so stay tuned (for Mindclaw Shaman, Gem of Becoming, Diabolic Revelation, etc.).  If you can't wait, just pop over to our M13 Spoiler List.

For today's post, we'll have a quick (visual) look at some M13 cycles, pairs and what-nots to date.  We have a thingy for such order and connectivity because we have CDO - it's like OCD, but in proper alphabetical order!  Anywhoos - lets go :


There are six mythic rare Planeswalker cards in the set - Ajani, Caller of the Pride; Jace, Memory Adept; Liliana of the Dark Realms; Chandra, the Firebrand; and Garruk, Primal Hunter and Nicol Bolas, Bada$$.

Cards related to the core '5' Planeswalkers are Ajani's Sunstriker; Jace's Phantasm; Liliana's Shade; Chandra's Fury and Garruk's Packleader.  Here are the 'Walker buddies . . .
There is also a cool mirrored pair to date as well - the Glory / Infamy twins.  More specifically, white 'Knight of Glory' and the black 'Knight of Infamy' are both uncommon Human Knights with with a mana cost of one colourless mana and one mana of the respective colour, a power/toughness of 2/1, exalted and protection from the opposite color.

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