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NPH IntroPack Review

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Tonight at midnight, many of you will be heading out to a New Phyrexia Pre-Release event at midnight or perhaps catching one on Saturday or Sunday - We wish all good luck and good times. For now however, we are providing a post dedicated to our fav WoTC staffer, M.K., who had slide us a New Phyexia Intro-Pack to Review. See our previous posts for more details and decklists for the new Intro Packs. Let's go . . .

The pack we received was the Red / White pre-constructed, named 'Life for Death'. The foil rare in this is the impressive pump-able Moltensteel Dragon making serious use of the new phyrexian mana. Riding shot-gun is the board-sweeper Phyrexian Re-Birth which had not been seeing all that much love in our local meta-game but we feel that this deserves another look for constructed.

Anywhoos -

The Red / White pre-constructed Intro Pack showcases some of the more agressive spells utilising Phyexian Mana.

This opens up some very decent options for players who won't mind paying 2 life to get that little phyrexian gem into their build. This Intro Pack deck can be easily modified to fit your particular style and strategy. We suggest dumping the life-gain effects to double-up on Rage Extractor and slide a few more Phyrexian mana spells in the mix.

Enough yattering - let's have a look at the video . . .


Yep - another video -
This time about a chase rare - KARN says '$exy Party Time'.

Unplug this weekend and seek the company of other gamers at the local gamery / hobby store and take in a New Phyrexia Pre-Release - check out the very handy Wizards of the Coast Event Locator to find one near you.

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