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New DotP 2012 Trailer

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We have another trailer for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 electronic game and should take some notes as this game will closely approximate what one could expect in the core set release.

First off, the
Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 is set for final release on or about 15 June, 2011 depending upon region and platform (Playstation, XBox, Steam, etc.). The core set, Magic 2012 is being released one month latter on 15 July, 2011. Being the spoiler nutters that we are, we are paying close attention to the Duels release - first however - let's look at the vid . . .


Looks here like Gideon Jura is getting a right proper pwnage from none other than Nicol Bolas -

you can tell from the shadow of that silly easter egg this elder dragon keeps between it's horns.

Also of interest, are the loads of references Gideon provides during the video intro of his home plane of Alara - did not know that. There is also an image of what appears to be Platinum Angel in one of the scenes. Anywhoos - he has a close encounter with the weird kind and Lilianna Vess goes all goth on him.

The importance here does not lie in the details but rather the broad - we are interested in confirmation of the Planeswalkers which is provided rather clearly with that tag line - 'Gather your Allies'.

There's baby Jace, Sorin Markov, Garruk, and Chandra. Gideon provides the white mana contribution to this small band of intrepid 'Walkers.

Righto - take what you will from this game trailer - we're not sure if this sheds any further spoiler light on Magic 2012. We're sure we will revisit this soon enough.

In other news, we're rahter excited - we have a New Phyrexia order coming in from MTG Mint Card, one of our awesome sponsers / advertisers here at MTG Realm. We are constantly amazed how rapidly commerce moves around the globe. Our order was filled by the folks at MTG Mint Card in Hong Kong on the 16th, dropped off at UPS and 2.5 days latter is in our paws in the frozen tundra of central Ontario (Barrie) in Canada - awesome sauce - great shipping.



Anonymous said...

What shipping option did you select from them? Last order I placed with them took a month and a half, no joke. :(

CopySix said...

Yep - same here - about 1.5 month to get my singles from our last pre-order (Mirrodin Besieged). The uncommon / common set lot we order comes UPS Worldwide Express and gets here faster than our orders from the pizza place around the corner (almost).