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Top NPH Commons / Uncommons

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

You may recall our post from yesterday that our order (from MTG Mint Card) came lickity split from Hong Kong in 2.5 days - our group now has an instant deck set collection of uncommon & commons for New Phyrexia, Magic the Gathering's latest set.

To this end, we wanted to do a Top 8 Uncommons and Commons for this new set. We previously provided a post aout the Top 10 cards from the set - these were cards of any rarity. We felt that we did not want to miss the opportunity to pour some additional adoration on some of our recently acquired commons / uncommons - so here it is - a video . . .

Top 8 Commons

Gitaxtian Probe
Geth's Verdict
Porcelain Legionnaire
Blighted Agent
Mutagenic Growth
Glistener Elf
Volt Charge
Apostle's Blessing

Top 7 Uncommons
(we have 7 because we had an argument and could not decide on the last card)

Mental Misstep
Beast Within
Deceiver Exarch
Tezzeret's Gambit
Shrine of Burning Rage


We will start tweaking / modifying existing decks or building new ones altogether. We would love to yatter about some of our ideas for new fun casual builds but apparently there are quite a few players at our local FNM who read MTG Realm quite regularily (Austin!) and already side-board when we sit down for a game. Anywhoos - here's just a few hints of what we are thinking about . . .


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