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NPH Fat Pack

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

Yesterday, the newest Magic the Gathering set became legal to play in standard. Unfortunately, we could not make it out to an FNM or get a few games in at the kitchen table . . . We did however drop by OMG Games to pick up our obligatory Fat Pack. We've been picking up Fat Packs with the release of each new set for rather some time now - and then making a short vid for our MTG Readers.

For newer players just getting into the game, buying an Intro Pack and a Fat Pack is a great way of getting your collection going. New Fat Pack configuration contains: 9 booster packs, 1 card storage box, 1 player's guide (we love these and want to collect one from each set by the way), 1 80-card land pack, 2 60-card deck boxes, and 1 Spindown life counter. There is also a small art poster and two 'make-en-yerself' cardboxes.

Anywhoos - enuff yattering and let's watch the vid . .

And here are the rares we were able to pull from the 9 boosters :

Phyrexian Unlife
Puresteel Paladin
Blade Splicer
Slagfiend x2
Unwinding Clock
Soul Conduit
Torpor Orb
FOIL Birthing Pod

WE were of course most happy with the Batterskull. If we had not pulled one, we would have been resigned to pay a good price for the single. Thankfully, with Stoneforge Mystic in standard until the fall, we can get away with running a singleton of Batterskull and all the other excellent equipment available.

Also of interest -

Our buddy Josh at OMG Games had a show 'n' tell for us. Apparently there were 3 cards pulled out of New Phyrexia packs during the pre-release which had the normal Magic card backing but a blank front, with the exception of the black border. We can't recall seeing something like this - any card weirdness you saw - please comment below.


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Mike M. said...

On Troll and Toad under their promo cards section they have a card named 'Laquatus's Champion' that was a pre-release promo misprint with an all black front but the back was normal... their selling for $150 each.