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Mirrodin UltraPro

Good Day and Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

The usual Scars of Mirrodin artwork spoiler / previews via certain UltraPro (card storage product) retailers jumping the gun ahead of the official release really did not happen last season - perhaps it will be different for the Mirrodin Besieged previews. Anywhoos - this is just a post to catch up on some of the very lovely looking UltraPro products you may see around your game table now or the very near future. Make tracks to a store to check their stock to pimp your game.


Scars of Mirrodin Phyrexia 3-Ring storage binder
featuring the Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon art by Chippy

Scars of Mirrodin Mirran 3-Ring storage binder
featuring the Shape Anew art from Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

Scars of Mirrodin Phyrexia Symbol
Deck Storage box and sleeves

Scars of Mirrodin Mirran Symbol
Deck Storage box and sleeves


We firmly believe in silly things like lucky Magic the Gathering sleeves can only help your game just like lucky Bingo Trolls can complete a line. Well perhaps not but but we still feel better at FNM when we get handed our own derrière by a kid with a budget deck sleeved with craptacular toxin-leaching sleeves manufactured in a sweat-shop in a third-world country. Wow - sorry about that - we kind of ran on -

Happy Gaming folks !

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