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Mirrodin Lands

Happy Wednesday MTG fans,

Here today on MTG Realm, we hope to delve into the environment of Mirrodin. Specifically, the colour-aligned lands of Mirrodin which provide the backdrop to this plane of existence - a little bit of flavour imbued with Magic the Gathering gaming is never a bad thing.

Razor Fields
Plains arts illustrated by James Paick

Mirrodin's plains environment, characterized by low, rolling expanses covered in sharp metal "razorgrass", literally blades of grass jutting from the ground. Denizens of the plains (Leonins and Aurioks) harvest these blades to create weapons and tools.

Quicksilver Sea
Islands arts illustrated by Jung Park

The blue lands of Mirrodin are dominated by the Quicksilver Sea, an interconnected system of shallow seas made of an otherworldly liquid (not actual mercury). The Neuroks and Vedalken live in shining spires that rise up out of the Quicksilver Sea. The spires are structures made of quicksilver, raised up from the sea and made solid by Vedalken magic.

The Mephidross
Swamps arts illustrated by Lars Grant-West

Mirrodin's swamp environment, characterized by chimneys that vent necrogen gas. The swampland of Mirrodin, called the Mephidross or "The Dross," is a knee-deep sea of foul water covered over by a scum of black ichor. (The term Mephidross comes from combining the word "mephitic," meaning foul-smelling or noxious, with "dross," which is the scum that forms on the surface of molten metal.)

Oxidda Chain
Mountain arts illustrated by Tomasz Jedruszek

Mirrodin's vast "mountain" range made of enormous rusted iron structures. The red lands of the plane of Mirrodin are mountains of metal, mostly rusted iron. Scrap metal piled high, combined with structures of pipe and plate, form peaks. These places are inhabitated by Goblins, and other thermophiles.

The Tangle
Forest arts illustrated by Mark Tedin

Central to the green locations is the Tangle, an enormous, sprawling "forest" made of copper structures. The greenish tint the Tangle bears comes from verdigris (no, not the card Verdigris; it's the crust of copper sulfate or copper chloride that forms on copper after being exposed to air for long periods). The Tangle's inhabitants call this "the Molder".


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Happy Gaming everyone !


Anne Noise said...

As usual, tons of gorgeous lands. Love the blue/green/black on the swamps.

Anonymous said...

The 1st Plain is the 4th