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Artifact Aggro

Happy Thursday MTG scholars,

Today we are asking for your input on a casual standard artifact aggro deck. With the vast cumulative experience of great number of Magic the Gathering players who read this MTG blog regularly, we think that we should have a fun build to win a number of games tomorrow at Friday Night Magic.

We are often limited to what we design by simply what we have on hand in our binder. What we do have is a deck set of Steel Overseer, Voltaic Key and Tempered Steel. This should (we hope) be a decent enough core to build around. Here is what we have so far.

3 x Golem Artisan
3 x Lodestone Golem
2 x Etched Champion
4 x Tempered Steel
4 x Steel Overseer
4 x Myrsmith
3 x Silence
4 x Voltaic Key
4 x Origin Spellbomb
4 x Memnite
4 x Ornithopter
= 24 Creature and 15 Other Spells (39 cards)

2 x Emeria, the Sky Ruin
2 x Sejiri Steppe
17 Plains
= 21 Lands
Total = 60 Cards

We have 8 zero costing artifact creatures. Origin Spellbomb not only allows a card draw but provides another cheap Myr token to get onto the game table. Myrsmith is certain to provide several more Myr tokens to be generated. With this small army of artifact weenies we hope to pump some decent power into them with the help of Tempered Steel and Steel Overseer to overrun our opponent's defences. Hopefully no Day of Judgment is waiting in the wings but if there is a board-clearer, we should be able to recover in relatively short order.

By mid game, we hope to put a wrench in our opponent's tempo with Lodestone Golem which will increase the cost of their spells (providing they are not playing a mainly artifact deck). We rather like Golem Artisan which provides repeatable options to swiss-knife your artifact critters by pumping them or giving them flying, trample or haste (or perhaps all of the above if the mana is available).

As for the Sideboard, we have this initial list which we hope also to tweak . . .

3 x Devout Lightcaster
3 x Kor Firewalker
3 x Emerge Unscathed
3 x Journey to Nowhere
3 x Revoke Existence

Drop us a line (eMail or comment below) to send us in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

Chimeric Mass in the main is a must.

Anonymous said...

with 8 zero mana artifacts, it might be worth it to play 4 Glint Hawks. A 2/2 flyer on turn 1 is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Glint Hawk is pretty good indeed, and when combined with Chimeric Mass you don't even need Memnite in your opening hand...

I would certainly add Glint Hawk Idol when playing a lot of artifacts, and, of course, Myr Battlesphere! If we include the Battlesphere, maybe we can even turn the deck into Myr-tribal with Myr Propagator, Galvanizer and Reservoir. :)

kalack said...

I like the deck because it utilizes artifacts that don't make it tribal Myr. Using Golem Artisan should prove to be good, especially as a mid-late game threat. By that time the Golem should be out of burn range with at least one Tempered Steel. Glint Hawks are good, but they wouldn't interact at all with Steel Overseer and Tempered Steel (btw...that's a lot of steel). I think maindeck removal would be better than Silences though. Considered Indomitable Archangel somewhere? This comment is a little late, but it would be interesting to hear how the deck did.