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Worldwake Spoilers 1-13

Good Day folks -

Welcome to the beginning of Worldwake Previews. A very large amount of material is now up as Wizards for you to go through. We suggest you call in to your school or workplace and let them know that you really need to take the day off to look at Worldwake previews and teasers.

Knowing that unofficial spoilers this season was scratched, we're certain your school / work will understand why you need the day off.

Let's have a look at what is now available . .

We want to yatter about the new Worldwake cards but will hold off until latter. For now, we will leave you off with this week's puzzle / Worldwake wallpaper - The beautiful and mysterious Halimar Depths, illustrated by Volken Baga.

MTG Realm announcement . . .
Stay tuned for this Friday's post - we got goodies from Wizards !
Yep - that's right, we have four commons and one uncommon Worldwake spoilers right before the previews begin on Wizards.


Anonymous said...

Hm, the Orb says we will see 1 new Eldrazi card.
I am surprised to only see 5 under Kor though... which will technically only be 4 since we just saw one revealed today.
I actually really like Kitesail.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else think this will tutor Lorthos? It's clearly a statue for the merfolk, and they congregate around it, possibly for worship.

Unknown said...

Orb says "23" to may question of, "counter"

Rocky said...

Honestly I think the merfolk image has something to do with the Eldrazi... not sure why, but what they are facing looks like a old monument of some sort.

So my guess is Eldrazi, not Lorthos.

Anonymous said...

I think that illustration will be on the Blue/Black dual land that converts into a creature, especially with the name "Halimar Depths". Assuming that is actually the card name.