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Worldwake Sealed Deck

Hey all,
With Worldwake pre-release events this weekend, we thought we would yatter a bit about how on earth one is to distill a table load of cards into a viable sealed deck that not only will play but also win.

Your sealed pool :

3 packs Worldwake
3 packs Zendikar

We are certainly not experts, having been to less than a handful of pre-release / release events but we're certain we may be able to provide some basic tips as provided by the Pros to get you started. The best place to start is start cracking packs and sorting the mess by colours and then by converted mana cost.

As we need to start building a 40 card deck from the six packs we just got, look for a colour which provides the most support and then a secondary colour possibly splashing a third depending upon your pool. Once this is done, aim for approximately 18 lands and 22 spells. It can be further broken down as such . . .

40 card deck Basic Sealed Construction
18 land
16 creatures -
4 two-cost creatures
4 three-cost creatures
4 four-cost creatures
3 five-cost creatures
1 six-cost or greater creature
6 great spells

One can further break this down by using the following priorities -

1. Killing multiple creatures
2. Killing creatures
3. Combat tricks
4. Drawing cards
5. Fixing mana
6. Destroying non creature permanents
7. Discard
8. Counterspells

As you may have already played in a sealed Zendikar tournament, rely upon your experience simply because half of your pool will have Zendikar cards in it. Here is an exercise for you -> If these were the 3 packs of Zendikar you opened, what would you bench and what would you keep - not knowing what your 3 packs of Worldwake would be yet . . .

Do you see a inclination towards a colour with this half of the sealed pool yet ? Personally, we are starting to like where Black and Red are going with the possibility of splashing white. Drop us a line and tell us what you think.
If you are heading out to a Worldwake Pre-Release event this weekend, we hope you have a blast. We'll be heading out to the Toronto Regional Event hosted by SkyFox Games !

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