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Worldwake Spoiler 3

Yesterday (this POST), we had provided you the first two pieces of that new Worldwake slow spoiler for Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Wizards is going to do with Jace, the Mind Sculptor from - this involved leaving pieces of this card at eight different locations. Today WoTC revealed the next two of eight card pieces at two separate directed to Wizards Play Network (WPN) game store locations.

Here are the new coordinates :
No. 3 : 47.784330 Lat, -122.344838 Long
No. 4 : -33.883923 Lat, 151.202688 Long

No. 3 : Good Games City
Level 1, 857 George St., Sydney
Phone 9281-1760

No. 4 :
EDIT ! : NOT - Fantastic Games
but World of Collections around the corner

Fellow Magic the Gathering Blogger WrongWayGoBack just so happens to live / work about 10 blocks away from Good Games and made tracks over there only to find the store absolutely packed but no-one had yet clued in that a Jace piece was on site. He had then snapped a pic and shared it on his Twitter.

Yep - You now have the casting cost for Jace, the Mind Sculptor : 2

As for piece number 4 our blogging buddy Reinhart from as well as a few others were able to track down the correct store and capture this image for us . . . Honestly Wizards ! Is it too difficult to get someone to properly cut this shizzle with and exacto knife or an electric jig-saw? This looks like a Mindless Null got romantic with it.

Here is the puzzle completed to date so far . .


Fellow MTG blogger MtGColorPie had some interesting news about a Zendikar Scoreboard Lifecounter. Details from Wizards may be found here.

Assembly instructions Wizards had provided . . .

First, punch out all of the pieces. You should have the main "body" piece, the "foot" piece, and the four "wheel" pieces as shown to the left.

Next, fold the body piece along both score lines in the middle, so that it looks like book covers with a spine.

Then fold each wheel piece over as shown, with the white part on the inside. Push the tab through the hole. Each wheel should look something like the picture directly to the left.

Push the tabs on the wheels through the circular holes in the body. The small wheels go above the large ones, and the black ones go to the right of the blue ones.

Fold the foot in half on the score line. Then, slide it onto the bottom of the body.

Congratulations! You have just completed assembling the Magic Zendikar Scoreboard Lifecounter.

With this lifecounter, you can track the life of both you and your opponent, and they can read it from their side of the table too!

Also, the foot can be stored between the wheels, allowing the scoreboard to be kept in a standard deckbox.


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