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Worldwake Spoiler 2

Happy Monday folks. While it may be goblin week over at Wizards of the Coast, it is always spoiler season here at MTG Realm where we scour 'teh internets' for Magic the Gathering spoiler goodness.

You may recall this previous POST where we had told you of the new slow spoiler Wizards was going to do with Jace - this involved leaving pieces of this card at eight different locations. Today WoTC revealed the puzzle template as well as the first two of eight card pieces at two separate Wizards Play Network (WPN) locations. Here are the coordinates:

> No. 1 : 30.324743 Lat, -97.743041 Long
> No. 2 : 50.848563 Lat, 4.365096 Long

Use the following Google Map applet at to figure out where these locations are. A simple google search will find you the most likely hobby / games shop shop in the hood. Alternatively, use the Wizards locator to identify the store. After this, eMail a friend you may have down there and tell 'em to get their butts to the location to check out the clue.

The puzzle template was provided for the pieces. Not surprisinly, the template is a Planeswalker symbol, neatly and strategically divided up into eight sections so as not to divulge too much information for the spoiler nutters as we move through this slow rolling Jace Planeswalker reveal.

The first location, provided from Pat's Games in Austin, Texas gave us the little corner and proved that yes, indeed, the card is a Jace.

The second location provided is identified as l'Outpost Bruxelles at Rue de la Tribune 1-13 Brussels, Belgium which had this card piece electronically placed on their store bulletin board.

Planeswalker Jace, MR
+2 : Look at the top card of target player's library.
(you may put that card on the bottom of that player's library ?)

ManaNation legend Trick was kind enough to lend a few moments of his time and photoshoppery skills to give everyone an idea as to where we stood with the overall puzzle development . . .


In MaRo's article today, we also were given another (annoying) slow rolling spoier for 'Bazaar Trader'.


Things we may assume from MaRo's mad goblin week ramblings and the card itself . . .
1. As it is a Goblin, effect isn't likely permanent, and is most likely random.
2. The goblin in the card art pointing to a larger creature in the art, while indicating with his three fingers, demanding a 3 for 1 exchange for this monster of a thing.
3. Oh and the critter of course is doing business as a Trader while at a bazaar.

Bazaar Trader, 1R
Creature - Goblin, Rare

Other similarily named cards from the storied MTG past include but are not limited to . . . Bazaar of Baghdad, Bazaar of Wonders, Magus of the Bazaar, Mercadian Bazaar, Dwarven Trader, Merfolk Traders


Finally, since it is Goblin week, MaRo gave us this mess for our imaginations to work on for what will happen after Worldwake in the Rise of the Eldrazi set.

Goblin of the Goblins is going to be a goblin built around the Goblin goblins, all of which have no goblin and are goblin. For example, there are two Goblins at goblin, the goblin of which is 7/7. All of the Goblins have a new goblin called goblin. Goblins with goblin have a goblin; whenever a goblin with goblin goblins, the goblin goblin must goblin that many goblins. The Goblins are very goblin but there are goblins that can create 0/1 goblins called Goblin Goblin that can be goblin to goblin one goblin goblin to your goblin goblin and will help you be able to goblin the Goblins. In addition, the goblin has a new goblin called goblin goblin. You may spend goblin on goblin with goblin goblin to improve their goblins and goblins. This Limited goblin is much goblin than the one in Goblin.

MTGS scientists are now working on this cryptic message and replacing all the manky goblin nonsense with more appropriate words. One speculation from SirBruce has this

(Rise) of the (Eldrazi) is going to be a (set) built around the (Eldrazi) (Titans), all of which have no (cost) and are (colorless). For example, there are two (Titans) at (0), the (smaller/larger) of which is 7/7. All of the (Titans) have a new (ability) called (bloodprice). (Creatures) with (bloodprice) have a (drawback); whenever a (creature) with (bloodprice) (attacks), the (contolling) (player) must (sacrifice) that many (creatures). The (Titans) are very (costly) but there are (cards) that can create 0/1 (tokens) called (Titan) (Fodder) that can be (sacrificed) to (add) one (colorless) (mana) to your (mana) (pool) and will help you be able to (feed) the (Titans). In addition, the (set) has a new (keyword) called (channel) (essence). You may spend (life) on (creatures) with (channel) (essence) to improve their (power) and (toughness). This Limited (Channel) is much (cooler) than the one in (Alpha).

Anywhoos - our heads hurt from this and we'll take a break but will be back tomorrow with new developments.

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Hayley Klug said...

An interesting aspect of the new Jace card's frame is that the text box is larger than any previous planeswalker's. In fact, it's larger by exactly the same amount that it would take to squeeze another ability into place. Odds are, this Jace will have 4 different loyalty abilities.