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Worldwake Spoiler 1

We might as well start up the spoiler engine again here at MTG Realm. Although it is still a very long haul to the official release date of 5 February, 2010, we have at least two cards, a possible third and a cornucopia of tidbits from the Worldwake IntroPacks info we yattered about in this blog post.

We already heard about the reprint of Smoother from the IntroPack shizzle. This is a solid two drop removal designed to mess up your opponents start of game operations. We suggest the best use of this is on creatures such as Noble Hierarch, Vampire Nighthawk, Wolly Thoctar, or even the very next Worldwake spoiler - Leatherback Baloth.

Smother, 1b
Instant, Uncommon
Destroy target creature with converted mana cost 3 or less. It can't be regenerated.

We would call this next one the first official spoiler of the season. Say hello to Leatherback Baloth. This card was presented in the form of a DCI promo to a patron of a local gamery store. That's just nice, but we're sure someone at Wizards will most likely want to speak with the store owner about their choice of customer swag. Anywhoos, here it is in all its glorious green beatstick glory . . .

Leatherback Baloth, ggg
Creature - Beast
Illus. Chris Rahn 4/5

Now the next one is rather the unknown and we're skeptical so we're calling fake until we see a scan or confirmation from a reliable source. To date, Zendikar has only offered two mono-black Allies (Bala Ged Thief and Hagra Diabolist), and in the history of Magic, there has been only one Elemental Horror (Woodwraith Corrupter). This thing is like a repeatable Nameless Inversion and things could get messy. If this is real, expect it showing up in casual Ally decks.

Abyssal Scornlight, 3bb
Creature — Elemental Horror Ally, Rare
Whenever Abyssal Scornlight or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control, you may have target creature get +3/-3 until end of turn.

Now, an interesting piece of Worldwake Spoiler news directly from Wizards which can be found in this POST. Just when you thought there could be no other way to spoil a card . . .

A Planeswalker has escaped from Worldwake and we need your help!

This Planeswalker has left clues scattered all around Earth—our plane!—in the form of pieces of his or her own Planeswalker card from Worldwake hidden in eight different WPN locations. Beginning Monday, December 14 and continuing for four days, we will post the latitude and longitude of two of the pieces each day. We encourage you to seek out the piece of the card and participate in the global jigsaw puzzle to put the card back together. Together, we can track down this Planeswalker!

Be sure to return every day starting Monday, December 14 and see if that day's pieces might be hidden in your neighborhood. And on Friday, 12/18 get together at your local WPN location and discuss the results (and, if all goes well, the complete Worldwake card) at Friday Night Magic. Good luck. Now go get that Planeswalker!

Anywhoos - wonder where these very luck locations will be. We're certain not anywhere near the frozen tundra where we live. We will ensure you guys get the latest info on these as they come in.


Rocky said...

Smother is awesome!
Glad to see it come back!

Leatherback Baloth is a beast and will really help dominate mono G and R/G.. just imagine BBE cascade to Leatherback, haha.

But... this Abyssal dude? EH. I really want to see ally's go some where but I don't think they are if wizards keep kicking out monstrous mana droppers. It just looks like another one of those rares that MIGHT see play in sealed.. and thats about it. :/

Anonymous said...

There are three black allies, you forgot Nimana Sell-Sword