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Worldwake Spoilers 12-09

Good Evening my Peeps, We have for you what we are sure yet another Worldwake spoiler for all you Magic the Gathering nutters. If you do not really want to see MTG spoilers, man-o-man did you come to the wrong blog.

Anywhoos - The following were taken from a brochure that was sent around to most of the (brick 'n' mortar) gamery stores to promote pre-orders of Worldwake Booster Boxes - yep - you guessed it - a very cool Worldwake promo card is to be provided and we have the details ! Let's have a look -

Celestial Collannade
Land, Rare
Celestial Collannade enters the battlefield tapped.
: Add or to your mana pool
: Until end of turn, Celestial Collannade becomes a 4/4 white and blue Elemental creature with flying and vigilance. It is still a land.

Dang - that is not bad at all - The only thing that could make this any better if it did not come into play tapped. It provides a very good sink for your extra mana towards the end of the game to smash your opponent with a solid 4/4 vigilant flyer. All in all, even with these being given away as the promo, we still think that it will command a high price in the MTG singles market and remain stable at it. Our suggestion, head to your local games store and be the first 20 to order a box.

Also - let's yatter for a moment about the image on the Worldwake booster box - uhhh - w0w ! - That thing looks like a bombtastic monster somewhat reminscent of that epic Apocalypse Hydra art on the Conflux booster box - kinda worm / monster of doom thingy.


Finally - just for your reference - the originating document spelling out the great bonus that may be had when you pre-order your booster box of Worldwake awesomeness.

Here’s an offer sure to appeal to every player:
The first 20 people that preorder a
Magic: The Gathering® Worldwake booster box,
will get a free Alternate Art Premium
Celestial Colonnade promo card!
But hurry, this offer is limited to the
first 20 people per store!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that they are still giving promos for buying a box but it is a small set, so the small collector will not be as persuaded to buy one because they will probably get too many duplicates of commons and uncommons.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the packs in the booster box on the top the one on the left is the picture on the back of some of the zendikar tokens promoting worldwake. looks like another bloodchief maybe? i hope so =)

Anonymous said...

cool wurm, just hope it's not a sign that it will be just as bad as conflux.

Anonymous said...

Jace is on the middle booster in that box picture. Heck yes!!! The big thing is reminiscent of Vastwood Gorger. Love the art on that promo, but I have to question how playable it is. Probably the best manland to date though. It becomes Serra Angel!!! Woot.

Anonymous said...

The cards I have seen so far aren't bad, but soo far the Zendikar block just isn't blowing my hair back. Oh, and for all you haters who thought the Alara block sucked(Especially those Conflux haters)you obviousely don't know the first thing about magic OR the powerful combo starters from that amazing block!(Knight of the Relquary, anyone??)