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Naya Aggro Math

Something I hope to try next Friday Night Magic -

I just overhauled a deck I had recently discussed in the last 'What I'm Playing'. Why ? Some of the most aggressive decks in standard today have something rather similar in common - a healthy smattering of Naya cards (red / green / white). I wanted to try and construct / pilot a deck that would incorporate the best synergies of the big 'roid Naya beaters to deliver a severe kick to the face on almost every turn.

To this end, I turned to Knight of New Alara, and Colossal Might which couples rather nicely with most every tri-coloured Naya creature. To keep the pain sustained and maximize the synergies in play, Gloryscale Viashino got drafted as well onto the team.

Beaters . . .
Meglonoth (6/6)

Gloryscale Viashino (3/3)
Woolly Thoctar (5/4)
Jund Hackblade (2/1 -> 3/2 haste)

Knight of New Alara in play . . .

Bigger Beaters . . .
Meglonoth (9/9)
Woolly Thoctar (8/7)
Gloryscale Viashino (6/6)
Jund Hackblade (6/5)

Colossal Might (+4/+2 and trample)

Stupid Huge Beaters . . .
Meglonoth (13/11)
Gloryscale Viashino (13/11)
Woolly Thoctar (12/9)
Jund Hackblade (9/7)

Gloryscale Viashino (3/3) while Knight of New Alara is in play is an enviable 6/6. When you play the multicolour spell Colossal Might, Gloryscale gets pumped by +3/+3 making it now a frightening 9/9. Your evil mind knows that this is the time to target Gloryscale with Colossal Might which now makes it an insane 13/11 with trample . . . just crazy!

I am also rather pleased that Bloodbraid Elf cascades more than half the spells currently within the deck. As it sits currently, Bloodbraid could hit (in order of preference) Woolly Thoctar, Jund Hackblade, Colossal Might, Stun Sniper, and some other critters which I will not let you in on (in case someone from the club is reading).

My suggestions for FNM dinner - invite a couple of large beaters, and let them party with Knight of New Alara and Colossal Might. I hope to report back to you with details as to how this Naya build performed against the various other decks.


Nicholas Davis said...

Don't forget, Double Strike is your friend with Colossal Might! Twinclaws are vicious if you can play them out.

Bloodbraid + Gloryscale = nutso if you run into another multicolor! I am currently running a Domain Cascade Stompy deck with Manaplasm in it. One time, with manaplasm equipped with Behemoth sledge, I played Enlisted wurm->Deny Reality->Bloodbraid->Trace of Abundance. WHAM! Swing for 20 with the 'Plasm! Naya in your face!

CopySix said...

Dang Nick - that must have been the shizzle ! ! I think I would have wet myself to see that played. Do these combos play relatively consistently ?

Nicholas Davis said...

It's hit or miss, but when it goes off, it's hilarious! Manaplasm is an all star, even if you do a normal cascade (Bloodbraid->Rampant Growth for me) I've been meaning to write a blog about my deck, perhaps I will do a rival blog, "No, THIS is Naya!". :-)

You're Gloryscale Viashano talk made me really happy that someone has been using him. he was my original candidate in place of Manaplasm. I'd hate to be in your opponent's shoes when you play Bloodbraid into a Colossal Might to make your Viashano 13/11 with Trample (or 16/14 with KoNA in play!!!) :-)

Unknown said...

why don't you add some Mayael's Aria?, it pumps your creatures and it pumps you!

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe, when I was reading this post, there was only one card i was wondering why you weren't playing to go along with the insanity of stupid gigantic beaters.

Titanic Ultimatum. :D :D :D

Now imagine that with your gloryscale :D