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M10 Rules Changes

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. It began with the forging of the Great Rules by the MTG Overlord Aaron Forsythe . . .

Well aren't these interesting times we live in. The Magic the Gathering fan community appear to be in a heightened state of frenzied discussion as to the new rules which were unveiled yesterday over at WoTC.

As with most news of this sort, the community appears somewhat polarized as to whether these changes are welcome or not. From some rants I've read, there are many who promise to quit the game altogether citing that the new rules have now 'dumbed' the game down. These are most likely the players who had crushed a casual player like me at FNM with elegant manipulation of damage on the stack. Others, myself included, are more accepting of the changes.

Perhaps I have more faith that I and other players will be able to develop and implement new strategies and tricks. This is evolution at its best. My goal is to win and am willing to adapt and evolve to reach this goal. Mind you, after the rules take effect come 17th July (next month), I find after extensive playing that the game really has become over-simplified (or 'dumbed down' - which I doubt), I would be willing to abandon the ship, give my collection away and take up another extreme hobby like gator wrestling or the like.

If you wish to submit opinions (whether positive or negative), I suggest you drop by the Magic: The Gathering Facebook fan page and make yourself heard. I advise against sending sending hatemail off to Aaron Forsythe or other WoTC staff - I'm certain they did not make the decision lightly.

ALSO - there now appears to be several polls out there regarding the new rules changes with the release of Magic 2010 . . . this is me jumping on the bandwagon. Very simplified, and only looking at three of the bigger changes - give a 'Pump It' or 'Dump It'.

I'm sure we will hear a lot more on this and I hope to provide the Magic 2010 FAQ summary as soon as I can get my claws on it.


Nicholas Davis said...

Hey, bring it on, Wizards!

All the haters are sore because now they have to adapt. Honestly, I'm a relatively new player (started half-way through Time Spiral). In my time playing, I've seen a lot of fun combat step tricks and I will miss the "damage on the stack". It was one of the most innovative things I've seen in a game for a while.

Looking at the big picture, however, why is Magic fun and exciting to play? Seriously think about it. Magic as we know it is great because of the game's ability to adapt and change. New cards, new keywords, new ideas and sometimes, new core rules. If it was truly the perfect game, Wizards would have quit production after revised as they would have nothing more to prove. Instead, they are pumping out new innovative game play.

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not "Rule #5" is a good or bad change, and I won't know until I start playing with the new rules. Best thing to do is just prepare for it and play a few games as though it's already in effect. If it bothers haters that much, sell your cards or play with house rules.

All I got! Great post as always, Copy.

sith_of_ziost said...

I have been playing the game for a time long enough to consider myself a veteran of the game, and I can cope with the terminology. The older players can just be familiar with the terminology, and use the old. Its not that bad imho.

Why do people need to say "oh that sucks" or "that's crap" when they can just suck it up and play. Its not like their eliminating the games nuances, its just a little maintenence.