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M10 Booster Packs

Magic 2010 is coming. And does it have handsome boosters ?

You can bet your Culo there are !

Lets check 'em out in all their blister pack foil goodness . . .


This card feels like a white enchantment - possibly a token generator - great art !
If I wasn't such an introvert, I'd ask her out on a date.

Blue creature - rather obviously a Sphinx.
There has been about 13 sphinxes so far in the history of Magic with the lion's share (7) belonging to the last block (Shards of Alara).
This one, unlike the the sphinxes in Alara does not appear to be an artifact critter.
A Demon - nasty black critter - great teeth however - nice smile.
If they wanted the card art to look menacing, they failed - this guy looks like a buddy I used to party with in college.
Red enchantment - the art here shows serious case of 'roid rage.
That or perhaps someone just ate his last Häagen-Dazs® bar.
This has been CONFIRMED to be an Enrage reprint.
Green critter . . . with a stick (!)
Kinda funny that said stick looks like Behemoth Sledge (?).
Our money is on a Troll Ascetic reprint.
Anywhoos - stay tuned for additional installments of Magic 2010 spoilers accompanied by my witty drivel.

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Dave said...

Thanks for the post. I have been looking forward to the Booster Packs. Now going to get myself some.