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M10 Spoiler 6

Some new Magic 2010 spoiler info for you folks today.

First off, Mr. Quodo from MTG France has these three spoilers on good word. The Baneslayer Angel is just nuts and a bit hard to beleive however - just too overpowered. I wish it were true however - I'd pick up a deckset right in a hearbeat.

Baneslayer Angel by Eric Deschamps

Baneslayer Angel, 3WW
Creature - Angel, Mythic Rare
Flying, First Strike, Lifelink
Protection from Demons and Dragons

Planar Cleansing, 3WWW
Sorcery, Rare
Destroy all Non-land permanents

Gargoyle Castle
Land, Uncommon
Tap : Add 1 to your mana pool
{5}, {Tap} : Sacrifice Gargoyle Castle and put a 3/4 colourless Gargoyle token with flying into play.


Also of interest - WoTC has provided a list of sixteen cards that have been in every core set from Alpha to Tenth Edition. Apparently, the new core set will have only eight from the list.

Over the next few weeks, Wizards will be counting them down in the Arcana sub-feature, giving an "IN" or "OUT" on one card a day. Here is the list to date . . .

Air Elemental
Bog Wraith
Drudge Skeletons - IN
Fear - OUT
Giant Growth - IN
Giant Spider
Goblin King
Grizzly Bears
Howling Mine
Nightmare - IN
Orcish Artillery
Regeneration - OUT
Rod of Ruin
Samite Healer
Scathe Zombies
Wrath of God

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Xian said...

Wow that is crazy! Baneslayer Angel is a monster if it's accurate, but it does seem way too powerful for it's cost. This set is turning out ot be more and more interesting :) Thanks for the info!