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Amonkhet Trailer !

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

It may be April 3rd today, but it feels like the start of Holidays with an abundance of gifts to all.  Today marks the first day of official Magic: the Gathering previews for Amonkhet.  This upcoming set, with a rich Ancient Egyptian theme, will have prerelease events on April 22nd / 23rd, and available for purchase at a local gaming store near you on April 28th.

We do have a big news day with a load of information such as mechanics, as well as spoilers / previews but we want to take this post to share our appreciation for one of the BEST MTG trailers we have seen for a while.  You should go and give it a watch over on YouTube at this link now.

WOW !   Wizards of the Coast had stepped up their game.  Just when we thought the trailers were tops, we are treated to a new one which nearly eclipses the previous ones.  Anywhoos, let's talk about this amazing trailer now -

One from Many 
By Force of Will 
Forged by Might 
Driven by Fire 
Born by Death 
to Rise Eternal. 
(Nicol Bolas)

SO. MUCH. FLAVOUR.!  The chanting here is minimal with direct messages allowing you to colour this new world of Amonkhet with your imagination.  The video work was wonderful and hit enough highlights to afford one to start 'world-building' the environment and culture of this Plane.  Here are a few stills from the video -


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