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Amonkhet Story Art Spoiler

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We are still incredibly hyped by yesterday's Amonkhet Magic Story, penned by Wizards of the Coast staffer Michael Yichao (@michaelyichao), and are greatly anticipating the next Magic: the Gathering story.  This is likely one of our favourite moments before the release of any MTG set - when we start to learn about the new Plane the game is to visit.  This is where the Wizards of the Coast narrative team, concept artists and world-building experts shine most for us.  

Earlier today, Redditor Augustby posted some images, we assume from the WotC MTG site (although we cannot find these at the moment), which paints a backdrop of the rich and exciting world we are to visit next.  Enough yattering from us, here are the images we speak of, and be certain to visit the official Amonkhet page linked here to see the latest and greatest.


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