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Friday MTG Miscellany

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Although it may have been a slower week here on the MTG Realm blog, we still had a flurry of Magic: the Gathering related posts to our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr, so today's post will be a regurgitation of select content over there.  

If you are off work tonight or do not have to cram for an exam, take a breather and head on out to a Friday Night Magic event tonight.  We'll be off to our favourite local gaming store, OMG Games, here in Barrie, Ontario where we hope to exploit the current standard constructed metagame (and not play one of the two ubiquitous popular decklists).

Anywhoos, let's get caught up with some posts -
Photoset March 24, 2017
Magic: the Gathering - FNM Promo Arts

Today on the WotC site, Nicholas Wolfram expanded upon Blake Rasmussen’s previous post with some of the upcoming card illustrations to expect to see at Friday Night Magic Events.  Again, superb work by all the artists, and am very happy with the card choices.

APRIL - Servo Exhibition 
• FNM Promo Art by Vincent Proce
• Kaladesh Art bySara Winters

MAY - Unlicensed Disintegration
• FNM Promo Art Florian De Gesincourt
• Kaladesh Art by Izzy

JUNE - Aether Hub
• FNM Promo Art by Jonas De Ro

• Kaladesh Art by Sam Burley

Photoset March 24, 2017
Magic: the Gathering - Magic Mural 2

Another amazing gaming store wall mural to follow up our previous post.  Here, we see a beautiful piece inspired by the iconic art of Jace, the Mind Sculptor from the Worldwake set, illustrated by Jason Chan.  Posted by  Luciana ‘Lu’ Couto of City Class Games in Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil.

Photoset March 24, 2017
Magic: the Gathering - Magic Mural

A very lovely wall mural (acrylic) commissioned and be worked on by artist Susanna Covelli (@susannacovelli_art).  

Inspiration from Ajani’s Presence and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, both illustrated by Raymond Swanland.


Photoset March 21, 2017
Magic: the Gathering - Bodily Function

Interesting solicitation from the Facebook Page ‘Magic the Gathering Rocks My World’.


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