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MTG Path of the Planeswalker

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Here at MTG Realm we do love us our Magic: the Gathering lore and would admit that our favourite day of the week (other than Friday Night Magic at our local shop OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario) is most decidedly Wednesday.  This day typically provides a new story installment on Wizards of the Coast Magic: the Gathering website.  Last week, one of our blog's readers asked after where to find the full web series for the Path of the Planeswalker comics.  Although we fired off links, we want to follow-up with all the story links in today's post.

Path of the Planeswalker is a compilation of the planeswalker web comics, that appeared on, along with a previously unseen bonus comic. It was published in January 5, 2010.   Here is the round-up of the web comics series -


Fuel for the Fire, By Doug Beyer
Chandra steals a scroll from the Sanctum of Stars on Kephalai. Jace chases after her on an errand for the Infinite Consortium.

The Seeker's Fall, By Doug Beyer
Tezzeret tries to uncover the secrets of the Seekers of Carmot.

The Hunter and the Veil, By Jenna Helland
Liliana is ordered by Kothophed to find the Chain Veil and comes across Garruk.

Flight of the White Cat, By Brady Dommermuth
When Ajani's brother is killed in an attack on his tribe, his spark flares. On Jund he encounters Sarkhan Vol.

The Veil's Curse, By Doug Beyer
After she cursed him, Garruk embarks on a hunt for Liliana, bringing him to Jace on Ravnica. Meanwhile Liliana uses the Veil to her advantage.

Honor Bound, By Jenna Helland
Elspeth witnesses the Conflux.

Journey to the Eye, By Jenna Helland
Chandra searches for the Eye of Ugin.

Awakenings, By Doug Beyer
Jace chases after Chandra in a race to the Eye of Ugin.


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