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Amonkhet Spoiler 3-18

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

We now have our first possible Magic: the Gathering spoiler for Amonkhet.  This may be genuine or perhaps a bogus card posted by a terrible person.  We urge caution and refer you to the official Wizards of the Coast webpage here.  OK, so let's talk about this in detail.

Here's the image that was originally posted to the MTG subreddit linked over here, and subsequently reposted dozens of times across fan forums and websites.

In Portuguese with the following rough translation -

Dusk - 2WW
Sorcery, Rare
Destroy all creatures with power greater or equal to 3
//  FLIP //
Dawn - 3WW
Consequence (Cast this spell only from your graveyard, then exile it.)
Return all creature cards with power less than or equal to 2 from your graveyard to your hand.

210 / 269 R
AKH • PT  Illustrated by Noah Bradley

This was posted by redditor 'nerdyfanboy1' in this thread titled 'Get a translation? Possible spoiler for Amonkhet'.  The poster also provided this comment on the source -

“Ok so a friend of mine posted this on his Facebook. Said he pulled it from one of his modern masters 3 boxes. So that's my source”

It is not entirely impossible to find a card from one set accidentally put into a different set's booster pack, which WotC has admitted in the past as having happened with issues at the printers.  From the jagged card corner on the bottom right and damage to the top right, one could imagine this damaged card not being properly cleared from the machine.

The biggest oddity here is the card layout.  In the past, we have seen split cards, flip cards, and  double-faced cards, but not any which placed the second piece of the card at a 90 degree angle such as this one. 

Forum member atomicflip had this graphic produced to summarise some of the comments made on a card face design improvement where players could easily identify a card within a graveyard which could be cast again with flashback, or in the case of Amonkhet, the new unconfirmed mechanic of 'Consequence'.  So again, perhaps not that far-fetched.

The next issue with with the collector's number.  In the past, mono-coloured split cards were found within that colour where mutli-coloured splits were found near the end.  In the case of Dusk / Dawn, one would have expected the collector's number "210 / 269" to have been numbered somewhere below 20 perhaps.  Again, there could be a change made by Wizards of the Coast with the ordering system.

Alright - our feelings.
We love us some recursion, especially when it is prefaced by a board-wipe.  We have personally lost track of flashback cards in the 'yard' and like this improvement.  We do not care for the squashed-down art however.

Your call - Fake or Real ?


Unknown said...

I'd guess it's real. The rotated bottom part makes sense to denote it can only be cast from the graveyard. It fits with the theme of the set.

Unknown said...

Not sure it's actually true cause wizards website says there are only 264 cards in the set...

Anonymous said...

I think its real, the full art lands we have seen have the same ---/269, and the concept seems perfect for Amonkhet (Aftermath or Consequence), so I hope this is real, because I want to get my hands on this type of mechanic so bad for Commander and Standard, it gives real power against some of the more painful aggro at my local playgroup.

Black Lotus said...

this translation iant rough, except by "consequences" instead of "consequence", all others words are ok. i dont speak english, but i talk portuguese...

Black Lotus said...

"consequences" is correct, its plural.