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Amonkhet Story 3-29

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Happy indeed.  Here at MTG Realm we have waited WEEKS for today - the very first Magic: the Gathering story to be posted for the new Ancient Egyptian-themed set.  We have one very important thing to say - the wait was totally worth it !
Amonkhet Invocation Dark, illustrated by Ritual Richard Wright

Wizards of the Coast staffer Michael Yichao (@michaelyichao) delivered an egaging, insightful, and entertaining first look at the Plane of Amonkhet.  We were already prepped with some background on this Plane but were soon engrossed in all the minutiae of the environments.  WotC did prepare us ahead of today's story when we learned that on Amonkhet, death is merely another chance to serve, with the new embalm ability to raise your creatures from your graveyard, creating Zombie versions to fight for you again.  What took us by surprise was just how many Zombies (or the undead), were waiting for the arrival of the Gatewatch (minus Ajani) on Amonkhet.

We have said too much now.  We direct you to the first Magic Story installment for Amonkeht - Episode 1 - 'Impact', linked right here.  Go on - we will wait until you get back.

The Gatewatch (Jace, Chandra, Nissa, Liliana, and Gideon) arrive on Amonkhet expecting a hellscape worthy of the Multiverse's most dangerous foe. What they encounter is much worse - sand, sandstorms, and more sand - Anakin's Kryptonite.

"I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." - Anakin Skywalker

We can feel the searing heat of the double suns as Yichao paints a picture of the barren desert landscape.  We can feel a sense of panic as the Gatewatch Planeswalkers discover an environment almost bereft of mana to which to cast spells.  The ensuing panic of the attack of the undead and massive (Frank Herbert Dune Sandworms) Wurms, and the shock of their first fleeting encounter with an Amonkhet god.  

With the first Magic Story episode concluding with the discovery of a robust civilisation, we are most definitely looking forward to the next magic story !  We will wrap up for now, but here is some eye-candy from the great story today.

Amonkhet art, illustrated by Daarken
Amonkhet art, illustrated by Seb Mackinnon


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