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The Wurms of Amonkhet

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Today on MTG Realm, it is WURM DAY !  

Last week's Magic Story on the mothersite had captured our attention on this Magic: the Gathering creature type.  We are a big fan of the works of Frank Herbet's Dune series (Shai-Hulud), and have seen similar (whimsical) Sandworms (ya hate 'em right?) in Bettlejuice, but are completely enthralled by the Amonkhet Wurms which the Gatewatch run into.  First, we should get to a brief summary / history of the much maligned MTG wurm (borrowed from MTG Salvation Wiki).

Wurms in Magic are traditionally large limbless terrestrial reptiles. These wurms have an endoskeleton, reptilian scales or plates, and a saurian head similar to a dragon's. They may be aligned with any color of Magic, but most are wholly or partially green. Over the years and sets Wurms have evolved in Magic into more of giant Worms. Most wurms are forest dwellers. They are preternaturally hungry and relentless when pursuing their prey.

Wurms trace their origin to the Elder Dragon Wars, during which the vastly powerful Elder Dragons that were defeated were stripped of their power, limbs, and wings, thereby becoming the Elder Land Wurms. 

Amonkhet is home to at least two types of sand wurm with strikingly different morphologies. The first type is flat with large scales on both its belly and back. Its head resembles a crocodile's, except that the head is very wide and upside-down, with the eyes on the bottom. The floor and roof of the mouth are lined with rows of teeth reaching at least as far as the throat. These wurms are white, and some of them have bioluminescent blue spots on their bellies.  Less is known about the second type of sand wurm in Amonkhet. Its head is similar to a snapping turtle's, and its body is round instead of flat.

Wurm may be found all over the Multiverse - Alara, Amonkhet, Dominaria wurms (Elder, Water, Trench, Craw, Johtull, Otarian, Scaled, Coria, Sukurvian and Otarian), Innistrad, Kaladesh, Mirrodin (Slagwurms), Ravnica, and Zendikar.

The last time any of us at MTG Realm had a Wurm in a standard format decklist, it was likely Return to Ravnica, where we rocked Armada Wurm (more because of the art than the card really).  Definiety looking forward to perhaps having a few Wurm in Amonkhet.


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