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Amonkhet Mechanics

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We have already posted today (see our post on the Amonkhet trailer here) but as the first day of official Magic: the Gathering previews delivered so much information, we need to split things up a bit.  In this post, we have for you a brief summary of mechanics / themes to expect in this new set.  

Please see these two posts over at Wizards of the Coast from Mark Rosewater (Making Magic) and from Rules Guru Matt Tabak (Amonkhet Mechanics), to get the full details.

Amonkhet appears to have a strong graveyard component and gives fans three new named mechanics.

The embalm ability can only be activated if the creature is in the graveyard. When activated, the card is exiled and creates a token copy of itself. This creature token is a copy of the embalmed creature, except that it is a zombie in addition to its other creature types and mono-colored white.

When you declare an attacker with this ability, you make the decision whether to exert it. If you choose to exert, the creature gains a bonus. If you did, the creature won't untap as normal during your next untap phase.

Split cardhalves with aftermath may only be cast from your graveyard. They are exiled after casting.

There is also a new twist on Auras.  Some the Amonkhet enchantments will have a sub-type of 'Cartouche', and although just the same as normal auras, some cards in the set will make specific reference to these.

Returning mechanics include:
The set makes use of brick counters and -1/-1 counters, and the returns the creatures type ‘god’, previously seen in Theros.  

The Amonkhet gods (the example provided today is the red god 'Hazoret the Fervent') are all Mythic Rares, mono-coloured and have the following characteristics -
* Indestructible
• Can only attack / block with condition(s).
• Has an activated ability


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