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Amonkhet Spoilers 4-07

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, we encourage you go henceforth this evening to a local gamery shoppe, (like OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario), and take in a fun filled evening of Friday Night Magic.  

Week number one of official Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet previews is closing now and should we get additional previews over the next 24 hours or so, we'll update this post.  We also invite you to check out our sister site MTG Realm on Tumblr, where we've been rather busy posting this, that, and yes, the other.  

Speaking of Tumblr, news from MaRo's Blogatog on Tumblr indicate that we can expect one more Planeswalker to join the Amonkhet set, and that (due to popular demand), there is to be a lesser presence of the Gatewatch starting with the next Magic: the Gathering set, Hour of Devastation.  
Also of note, our friend Trick Jarret (@TrickMTG), the Global Content and Community Manager for Magic: the Gathering indicate that in the Amonkhet 'Bundles', we can expect that 20 of the 80 basic lands (in the land pack) are to be the beautiful full-art lands!  Trick also indicates that the Bundle will have a pack of double-sided tokens, including those new 'Embalm' creature.  This is awesome news !

Catch up with these on the Wizards of the Coast page linked here.  Out today so far, we have the following;

• Angel of Sanctions
• Approach of the Second Sun
• Bounty of the Luxa
• Champion of Rhonas
• Cruel Reality
• Dissenter's Deliverance
• New Perspectives
• Nimble-Blade Khenra
• Supply Caravan
• Winged Shepherd

Rise of the Second Sun, illustrated by Noah Bradley.  Alternate win condition which may actually win you the game.  There appears to be a theme of '7' with this card.

Cruel Reality, illustrated by Kieran Yanner.  Gids (aka MeatSlab) is not having a good day here as shown on this aura curse.  We've not seen a curse since Innistrad.  Powerful effect here.

Champion of Rhonas, illustrated by Winona Nelson.  Jackal Warrior is going straight to value town here.  Ain't nothing quite like cheating a card into play, even with exert.  Leverage with vigilance or slide a hasty critter when the Jackal goes into the red zone.

Angel of Sanctions, illustrated by Min Yum.  A feathered O-Ring, which can boomerang back with embalm for an encore.  Hell yeas - Zombie Angel.

New Perspectives, illustrated by Darek Zabrocki.  Six mana seems a bit steep here, but hey - there may be a fun 'n' janky decklist with this.

Bounty of Luxz, illustrated by Jonas De Ro.  So much flavour here.  As mirrored in the ebb / flow of the river, this card cycles mana / flood counters.


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