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Amonkhet Story - Nissa's Trial

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

When the new Magic: the Gathering set, Amonkhet, releases this weekend, we have a few standard constructed decklists we want to try for Friday Night Magic, as well as a few derpy ones (cat tribal?) we want to fabricate for some fun casual kitchen-table gaming.  We don't know what new break-out decklist may put up good results against the two dominant decks (Mardu Vehicles and Saheeli combo), but by gosh, we will try to break the monolopy with some rogue tech.

Anywhoos, we want to direct your attention today over to the Wizards of the Coast Mothersite, as it is our favourite day of the week - Wednesday Magic Story.

Today's story, from WotC writer / designer Ken Troop is pretty damn good and we were very much engaged.  In Amonkhet Episode 5, 'The Hand that Moves', time is rapidly evapourating for the Gatewatch to plan and mount a response to the return of Nicol Bolas to the Plane of Amonkhet.  The main character today is Nissa, who has already acquired hints of Amonkhet's past and the dark meddling of Nicol Bolas.  

Nissa is disorientated by the poisoned / infected mana leylines of this world and seeks knowledge from the (blue-aligned god) Kefnet the Mindful, or the ibis-headed god.  As she enters Kefnet's temple, she also inadvertently enters the 'Trial of Knowledge'.  At this point in the storyline, it is hinted that Gideon has already entered his own trial at the invitation of white-aligned God, Oketra the True.

Here is a nice reference for you on the trials -
• Trial of Solidarity (white)—This Trial tests your ability to work with others.
• Trial of Knowledge (blue)—This Trial tests your mental capacity.
• Trial of Strength (green)—This Trial tests your physical capacity.
• Trial of Ambition (black)—This Trial tests your willingness to do what must be done.
• Trial of Zeal (red)—This final Trial is a fight to the death.

The Trial of Knowledge that Nissa finds herself in is perhaps better suited to Jace, but we find that Nissa is adaptable.  The trial itself appears to be a cycle of waking nightmares where perhaps the unworthy are just simply trapped until they are mad.  Nissa's ability to sense leylines, even faint ones, realise that this trial has been constructed with such power.  Nissa is able to break out of this trap, to be challenged by Kefnet who wants to destroy Nissa for "making a mockery" of his trial.  Nissa again adapts and risese to the challenge and discovers that the god too is constructed of leylines.  The Planeswalker is able to manipulate the fabricate of Kefnet just enough to have Kefnet stop his attack and dismiss Nissa.

We are far from certain what the angel in the story may represent, but we do have a few ideas.  The angel does not appear to corporeal (real in this world), but more of a manifestation of another being, or perhaps even a characteristic of Nissa herself.  We will need to read this over again and think upon it.

A great story by Ken Troop !


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