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Post JOU RW Heroics

Happy Hump-Day MTG peeps,

As we now have our full book set of 4x Uncommon / Common cards from Journey into Nyx from MTG Mint Card along with a variety of other purchases from our local card shop, we are now under full steam brewing decklists with our lovely new Magic: the Gathering acquisitions.

One of the very first and rather simple / straightforward decklists we've created was Red / White (Boros) Heroics.  This particular strategy employs inexpensive-to-cast early creatures followed up by some instant spells and auras not only to trigger each of the heroic abilities on the creature but to evolve them into serious must-answer threats.  Here's the initial build at the moment - 

20 lands (plains, mountains, Sacred Foundry but no Temple of Triump 'scryland' as this slowed the build down a titch)
4x Akroan Crusader
4x Favored Hoplite
4x Satyr Hoplite
4x Nyxborn Rollicker
4x Hero of Iroas
4x Phalanx Leader
3x Akroan Skyguard
2x Launch the Fleet
4x Titan's Strength
4x Madcap Skills
3x Gift of Orhzova

In the sideboard we have the following -
3x Banishing Light,
3x Boros Charm,
3x Gods Willing,
3x Chained to the Rocks, and
3x Skullcrack.

We've got to admit that this decklist worked out better than expected and not only was this fun to play but delivered some rather promising results.  If we were to change anything, it would be more Launch the Fleet - dang that card was great in the games it came down.

With a bit more polishing, we think this a relatively inexpensive thing to build and be good enough to provide some decent wins at Friday Night Magic.  If you are looking to play something like this, drop us a line and tell us how it performed for you at your local gaming store.

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