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MTGO Vintage Masters

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Way, way back in October of last year, WotC had announced on the mothersite, a new product for Magic Online gamers.  Magic: the Gathering players who have a hankering to get into Vintage format with a Magic Online account now have an opportunity with Vintage Masters.  This is a Magic Online-only reprint set that will be released on June 16, 2014 to help support the Vintage format.

Vintage Masters is to include the famous Power Nine cards (Black Lotus, the five Moxen, Timetwister, Time Walk and Ancestral Recall) as well as a number of new cards from the Conspiracy set.  In total there will be 325 cards with the following rarity:

• 9 specials
• 30 mythic rares
• 105 rares
• 80 uncommons
• 101 commons

Similar to regular 'paper' booster packs, each Vintage Masters booster pack will contain 15 randomly selected cards of 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare or mythic rare and 1 card that is either one of the Power Nine or a premium foil version of any card in the set (including the Power Nine).  In today's Magic Arcana, TrickMTG noted that the rarity of a Power Nine card is to be about once in 53 packs. A specific Power Nine card is about twice as rare as a specific mythic rare.  To allay concerns, WotC indicates there is no plans at this time to introduce another card rarity in to regular cardboard print.

To view the new cards, check out the online gallery here which is to be updated as more Vintage Master cards are spoiled / previewed.  For online players, check out Cardhoarder’s MTGO Store which has you covered for all your MTGO needs including singles, sets, boosters, tickets, foils and more. Their Bots are Yesbot, Fastbot, Hotbot,, cardhoarder.bot2 and CardShop - and - if this set has you yearning to revisit Magic history, drop by MTG Mint Card.

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