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Magic 2015 Spoiler 5-05

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope all have had a great weekend - we suspect most Magic: the Gathering players did as the last set in Theros block, Journey into Nyx had hit shelves this weekend.  Although we were not able to make it out to the Friday Night Magic launch event at our local gaming store, OMG! Games, we did spend a serious amount of time over the weekend to determine the best standard constructed decklists going forward.  The StarCity Games Open event in Cincinnati did take place this weekend with some of the new cards being showcased but we think it premature to think that this very early event provides any insight with Journey into Nyx releasing only the day before.

Anywhoos, onto today's post - a Magic 2015 Core Set spoiler (of sorts) !  There has been multiple reports from a variety of sources of the upcoming M15 Basic Lands being found in Journey into Nyx booster packs and other sealed product.  This is of particular interest as these new basic lands show off the new card frame format with MTG going forward.

The new font, 'fold-in' bottom border, artist credit, copyright lines all look great and does not really appear to be a big significant change which some players may have had concern with.  Shown here are two Plains (Magic 2012 and Magic 2015) with the same reprinted Plains art by Howard Lyon for comparison -
Here as well are several other of the new M15 basic lands to showcase the subtle change with the card frame -

Basic Land Plains - Magic 2012, Card #231, illustrated by Howard Lyon

Basic Land Island - Magic 2012, Card #235, illustrated by Cliff Childs

Basic Land Swamp - Magic 2014, Card #239, illustrated by Jonas De Ro

Basic Land Mountain - Magic 2012, Card #243, illustrated by Karl Kopinski

Basic Land Forest - Magic 2014, Card #248, illustrated by Jonas De Ro

Looking Good WotC !

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