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DotP 2015 Promo

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We promise to provide a post rather soon to catch up with all the amazing Conspiracy spoilers and previews rather soon but for today we need to catch up on some other Magic: the Gathering news, so strap in and lets get to that now.

Off the hop, we have to talk about a Magic 2015 core set spoiler from German gaming site Gameswelt.  This new Magic: the Gathering card is to be one of two exclusive premium cards available to Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 gamers who can obtain a redemption code in the digital game for a special M15 five card booster pack they can pick up at a local brick 'n' mortar gaming store.  The preview card today 'Soul of Zendikar' is reported to be the promo card for mobile / PC gamers and we expect to see the second promo card for Xbox players latter on.  Altough we have not yet seen the official release date of DotP 2015, the cardboard (paper) set will release on 18th July, 2014.  Here's the card in the original German with a translated mock-up (which of course may not be completely accurate). 

Soul of Zendikar, 4GG
Creature - Avatar, Mythic Rare
3GG: Put a 3/3 green Beast token into play
3GG, exile Soul of Zendikar from you graveyard: Put a 3/3 green Beast token into play

This appears to be card number 201/269, illustrated by Eytan Zana, who had also recently provided art for the Conspiracy card 'Agent of Acquisitions'.  Soul of Zendikar is the fifth card revealed so far and joins Wall of Fire, Waste Not, Necromancer's Assistant, and Genesis Hydra.  And yes, we most definitely want to pick up all the singles so far from MTG Mint Card.
While we are yattering about Duels of the Planeswalkers, here's a short and very cool story-line blurb along with some digital game details from Wizards of the Coast.  Also provided below are two M15 / DotP 2015 illustrations from the very talented Brad Rigney (Cryptcrawler on Deviantart).

Hunt Bigger Game this year with Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers and discover a number of cool new things:
•  Be at the heart of the story: Players will find themselves dropped into the wilderness at the heart of the story: You’re not just on Garruk’s list—you’re next. The Curse of the Chain Veil has corrupted Garruk’s body and soul. His skin has paled, his flesh struck through with blackened veins.
• His hunter’s instinct has turned away from beasts of the wild toward the ultimate quarry—Planeswalkers! You will have to confront the deadliest hunter in the Multiverse. But, how will you defeat Garruk before he finds you?

• Full, Open-Ended Deck Building: Players can build their own collection of cards to create any style of deck they want.
• Platforms: It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox LIVE Arcade, iPad, PC via Steam, Android tablet via Amazon App Store and Google Play.
• New Content: Five planes to explore and exciting virtual booster packs.
• Single and Multiplayer: Battle the AI or your friends with your fully customized decks.
• New Cards: Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers will feature some of the hottest cards from Magic 2015.
• Launch Date: Coming soon in 2014!


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